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Edustation's blog > 10 English Words Adopted from Other Languages

10 English Words Adopted from Other Languages

Added by Tomasz H. 23 April 2015 in category: English, General tips, Lexicon

English language throughout history has borrowed some words from other languages. Below is a list of words which have been borrowed from other languages and have become part of English vocabulary.


a large, comfortable seat for more than one person

Arabic - suffa - long seat made of stone or brick


a painting, drawing, or photograph of someone

French - portraire - the same meaning


a food in the form of long, thin strips made from flour or rice, water, and often egg, cooked in boiling liquid

German - Nudel - the same meaning


a thick sauce made from tomatoes

Chinese - ke-chiap - brine of fish


a very large nut with a hard, hairy shell, a white part that you eat, and liquid in the centre

Portuguese - coco - grinning face


a form of entertainment, originally from Japan, in which recordings of the music but not the words of popular songs are played, so that people can sing the words themselves

Japanese - kara  ōke - empty orchestra


a picture that you draw quickly and with few details

Dutch - schets - the same meaning


small pieces of coloured paper that you throw when celebrating something

Italian - confetto - candy


a big reptile with a long mouth and sharp teeth, that lives in lakes and rivers

Spanish - el lagarto - the lizard


shirt and trousers that you wear in bed

Hindi - pāyjāmā - loose-fitting trousers

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