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Self-study French language

If you are eager to get knowledge of foreign languages ​​and all other forms of self-study prefer, Edu-Station.ru portal offers a unique opportunity - online French language training for free. An extensive database of modern materials collected on our site is constantly updated. Turning to her, you can significantly accelerate the independent study of the French language. If necessary kommunitsirovaniya with native speakers encourage you to use chat. Perhaps this will be the beginning virtual communication not only your success in learning, but also of international friendship. 
Consider looking for pictures and words, follow simple and interesting task - to develop linguistically with Edu-Station.ru!

French online

The portal Edu-Station.ru freely available around the clock are the most suitable materials that allow at any time to learn French online. Will you comprehend foreign using online courses or take advantage of separate audio and video lessons, you decide. 
Absolutely free of charge on our website, you can use the advanced set of options at the end of registration. If linguistic materials for the promotion of training is not enough free options such as chat or entertainment elements (crosswords, pictures with the ability to recognize words, etc.) make for self-study French language interesting. 
With the convenient and rational classification of content visitor Edu-Station.ru not be difficult to determine what the subject of the search text or video, to what level of complexity it would be classified. If you want to know the opinion of those who are already quite far advanced in learning French, visit the blogs.

French lessons for beginners

French online for beginners is available to study any of the users Edu-Station.ru. Look for materials that are marked with an asterisk as suitable for study at initial training level, look, listen and repeat the dialogue, follow the proposed job, use a dictionary with audio, if you encounter unfamiliar words. It features - a large selection of articles on various subjects. Science, politics, history and culture, education, art, travel - this is not a complete list of topics that you can explore on their own. Do not worry that you do not have enough language skills compilation formats - the key to successful perception: a teaching file will be clear even to those who are not too strong in the French.

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Free French language courses are also available for visitors Edu-Station.ru. For details, see the corresponding section. 
Take the first steps towards the development of the French language with us, and very soon you will be sure that the pleasure of self-learning and fast results are interconnected!

Videos for learning French

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