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Registration problems

If you have any problems while registering on Edustation, please contact us there.

Log in problems

Logging is not possible probably because your account has not been properly created, you forgot the password or your account was deleted/suspended.
You can also try to reset your password or contact us there.
Warning! The message with the reset link can be in the spam folder, please check it.

Change of personal data

User can add or change his/her personal by clicking the green arrow in the right corner of your avatar (picture) and then clicking on "Profile">"Settings".


Coins are the internal transaction system used by Users to unlock paid content, for Edustation, account for languages courses and other paid services on Edustation.

Access to paid educational materials is given to Registered User after purchasing the sufficient number of coins (which is shown in right corner of material) and successfull payment with these coins done to unlock material.

As of 13th June 2013 the following price list applies:

  • 10 coins = 0.3 USD
  • For every once bought 100 coins You will receive extra 5 coins.
  • For every once purchased 1000 coins You will receive 100 coins extra.

Example 1: buying 560 coins You will receive a 560 + 5 * 5 (for the purchase of 500 coins) = 585 coins will be added to your account.

Example 2: You buy 2110 coins will get 2110 + 100 * 2 (for the purchase of 2,000 coins) 5 * 1 (for the purchase of another 100 coins) = 2315 coins will be added to your account.

The list of transactions and your current number of coins can be checked by clicking your avatar (picture) on "Profile">"Coins".

How to check the meaning of a word in a text

Click on the selected word - a box with a translation and two icons will appear, "I want to repeat" and "Known". When you click the first one, the selected word will highlight in orange and will be automatically sent to the "Reminders". Pressing the second icon will result in remembering the word as known.

What browsers do we support?

The most recommended browser for Edustation are the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
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