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  • Language modules

    We explore the needs and deliver the content which fits expectations of both employees and employers. Language modules can be tailored to each company department.

  • Flexibility

    Study at any time and place - just use a computer, tablet or smartphone. No need for a physical presence on the course. Save employees time on commuting!

  • Individual learning speed

    Flexible time and pace of learning - no need to spend hours in classroom to make progress! With Edustation the interaction is increasing the commitment.

  • Control panel

    Insights in statistics & control of the progress of employees. Check as Supervisor or HR Manager study time, the number of learned lessons, vocabulary added for repeat and much more!

  • Pro-family approach

    For each employee - at no additional cost extra Family/Junior Package. The package is addressed to children of employees of the company. Allows unlimited, free access to the platform and materials tagged as Premium.

  • Motivational system

    Internal monitoring of the progress. Analysis of the achieved results - rewarding best learners within employees (in terms of employers).

  • Meetings with tutors

    Possibility of organizing online discussions with tutors or meetings at company.


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