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  • FREE interactive learning

    In LEARN section you will find materials for more interesting and effective language learning. Here we have thousands of articles, videos and photos, specially selected for better absorption of foreign languages. And everything with instant translations - just click on the word and get the meaning.

  • Premium Content

    Each piece of premium content from just 0,5 €! Choose thematic, linguistic or grammatical issues in which you are interested and learn just what you really want. Each topic includes a set of tools facilitating the understanding of spoken and written language.

  • Talk in a foreign language

    Find a partner in TALK section and let’s start to speak! Follow the messages from other users, meet new people, chat and learn foreign languages.

  • Play & Learn

    Go to ENJOY section and find language games & exercises. Play single or challenge other users in multiplayer mode. Have fun and by the way learn languages!

  • The reminders system

    With us you don’t forget about learning foreign languages! The reminders allow you to learn and practice regularly.

  • Learn while reading the blog

    Visit Edustation Blog and use it as an complementary learning tool. Read texts about languages and tackle problematic language issues. Explore common mistakes or topics which cause troubles.


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