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Edustation's blog > Buying and Selling Vocabulary

Buying and Selling Vocabulary

Added by Tomasz H. 18 November 2014 in category: English, Lexicon

price reduction

To make the price cheaper, to reduce the price of a product.



In a shop you are given a receipt. It's a written proof that you have paid for something.



It means that the money will be given back by the seller if the buyer is unhappy with the product.


cash on delivery (American English: collect on delivery)

It means that you pay for something when it is delivered to you.



When the seller allows the buyer to return his item and take a different one, usually because there was a problem with the one originally bought.


hire purchase

A method of paying for something in which the buyer pays part of the cost immediately and then makes small regular payments until the debt is completely paid


payment in instalments

Payment for something is made in regular intervals and not in one single payment. This is common for expensive items.



An invoice is a document sent from a seller to a buyer which has all the information stating how much has been purchased and for what price. The buyer then pays the amount on the invoice.  An invoice is similar to bill, but is only used in business.


on credit

You purchase something and agree to pay for the object later.


payment in advance

You pay for something before you get it.

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