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Create courses & earn money. Gain popularity!

Become a popular creator of language courses. Create the content and fix the price. Build interesting courses and raise learners from all over the world! Offer the courses under your own brand/name, become popular among the learning community and earn money!

Who can beome a creator of language courses under own brand name?

We do not limit who can be a creator. The desire and the passion is the most important factor! Do you know foreign languages and know how to teach? Have you been learning by yourself and you know useful tricks? Join us!

Only you & your brand

Your language course is offered under your brand. What does it mean? Your course is recognisable. It's sold on Edustation but the course bears your name or the name of your language blog. What is important, you do not provide us your copyrights, the course and it's copyrights still belong to you!

Does it cost?

No, it's for free! Acces to our course creator is free. Only by selling the course the profit sharing model comes into force.


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