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Cooperation with Edustation gives the possibility of selling language school services to Edustation customers. In cooperation with language schools we establish partnerships which give the opportunity to increase profits by expanding the area of its operations.

Cooperation areas

We cooperate with language schools in two areas - online courses for business and administration (B2B) and courses created and sold on Edustation under own language school brand (B2C).


1. Research & analysis

Edustation is searching a company which is interested in online course for employees. We do the analysis, examine the needs and talk about expectations.

2. Digitalization

After clarifying the company's expectations, partners receive specification and query who is ready to prepare online courses for the company. The course is introduced through Edustation Course Creator. The language school continues to own all copyrights.

3. Lower costs

The language school creates the content / course and digitizes it using Edustation Course Creator. Once generated content can be sold many times, so it doesn't generate additional costs.

4. Settlement

The language school receives a fee for the content (per each employee / per month). 

5. Guarantee of income

Only after finding a company, Edustation ask the partners who is able to prepare content for the company. The contracts with companies are signed for 6 or 12 Months.


1. Online language courses

The school may use its own materials / courses or create additional materials for sale on Edustation under its own brand.

2. Digitalization

The language school enters their materials / courses using Edustation Course Creator.

3. Courses availability

The price and access period is fixed by language school. The access to the online course can also get the learners from the language school.

4. Additional distribution channel

The online course is sold on the Edustation platform (marketplace) with other courses created by language schools or tutors. It can be sold under own language school brand (no additional costs!) to more than 40 thousand users. Only by selling the course the revenue sharing model comes into force.

5. Control Panel

Access to the number of online courses sold and achieved revenues. Billing and payments.

Online courses under language school brand? Contact us!

How language school creates online course?

The online courses are created by using Edustation Course Creator. The editor allows to create interactive content for online learning. The online course is offered under own language school brand and the language school continues to own all copyrights.

Your own brand is the most important factor!

The language course is offered under the own language school brand. What does it mean? The courses is recognisable and builds brand awareness. On Edustation the language school always owns all their courses.

Want your own e-learning platform only for your language school?

Want to have your own e-learning platform, where you can manage your students and assign them to courses created by you? See more.

E-learning platform for schools

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask. Contact us!

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