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  1. Choose Language of Translations

    Edustation translates words and content (in Essentials, Articles, Videos, Pictures and Games) to a language of your choice. What language should that be?

  2. The first time you visit EDU.ENJOY

    You visit EDU.ENJOY

    EDU.ENJOY gives you the opportunity to practice a language while playing language games. Combining learning and fun is a very powerful tool and will help you to make a lot of progress quickly. This introduction will show you what EDU.ENJOY has to offer and how to use it.

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  3. Word Search

    This game is basically a word soup - you have to find listed words as fast as possible. It helps you remember words (you can always check the translation), and because you have to look for the single letters in the word soup it is also a good way to practice your spelling skills. You can play this against another user in multiplayer - will you be the first to find all words?

  4. Listen & Spell

    The aim of this game is to listen to a recorded word and write it down correctly. You practice your listening as well as your spelling skills this way, but it also helps you remember the words (you can always check the translation. You can also play this against another user in multiplayer - who will make fewer mistakes?

  5. Pictures & Words

    Visual information is very important when learning words. This game is based on exactly that. Drag words over object on the pictures - that will help you memorise the words.

  6. Drag it right

    With this game you can practise how to form correct sentences in the language that you are learning. Drag words to the left and right to put them into the correct order so the sentences make sense. If you have a hard time then click on 'Read'. The sentence will be read out to you which can be very helpful.

  7. Language Choice

    Here you can choose the language that you want to practice. You can practice English, Spanish, German, French and Polish.

  8. Difficulty

    Every exercise has three difficulty levels. With a higher difficulty the words the exercise chooses will be more complex, e.g. longer and less general.

  9. Single and Multiplayer

    You can play some of the games against other users in multiplayer mode. That is some further motivation that will make the games even more exciting!

  10. You finished the tutorial!

    Give the games a try, we are sure you will have a lot of fun. Try playing against other users, it's double the fun! Happy learning :-)

    Now we are pleased to invite you to register and discover all the possibilities of the portal.

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  11. Help List

    Do you need help with something? Check our help list below:
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Word search
Listen & Spell Pictures & Words Drag it right
Right & Wrong

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