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Starting international expansion? Want to improve foreign language comprehension in your company? Do your employees need language skills to stay competitive in a global marketplace? Edustation learning system is tailored to meet your needs! English for employees, perhaps Spanish for miners or German for administration. With us, your employees will begin to speak, write and understand a foreign language.

Edustation Business offers tailored online courses for your company, even for various departments in your company.

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Employee benefits

  • Unlimited access to the platform (tools, exercises, games).
  • Study at any time and place - just use a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Flexible time and pace of learning - no need to spend hours in classroom to make progress!
  • Save time on commuting.
  • No need for a physical presence on the course.

Employer benefits

  • Lower costs of organizing language courses.
  • Matching content to the expectations of employees and industry employers.
  • The attractiveness of additional benefits from the company.
  • For each employee - at no additional cost extra Family / Junior Package.
  • The material tailored to the divisions in a company.

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