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Edustation's blog > Beach Idioms

Beach Idioms

Added by Tomasz H. 2 September 2015 in category: English, Lexicon

fat as a beached whale

very fat

e.g. John is as fat as a beached whale.


not be the only pebble on the beach

to not be the only person who is important in a situation or in a group

e.g. It's time to learn that she's not the only pebble on the beach!


beach bunny

young woman who frequents beaches

e.g. Kate is a beach bunny and she offered to put lotion on me.


bring sand to the beach

to do something redundant or pointless, usually in the context of bringing something to a location where it's unnecessary

e.g.  The company always offer water during the meetings, so I don't know why you bring yur own bottle. You might as well bring sand to the beach!

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