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Edustation's blog > 5 Types of Adverbs

5 Types of Adverbs

Added by Tomasz H. 8 June 2015 in category: English, Learning tips, Lexicon

Adverbs modify other words apart from nouns and pronouns. For example:

She sings.

She sings beautifully.

Here the adverb modifies 'sings' and gives us more information about the action.



Adverbs of Manner

He was driving dangerously.
We ran quickly.


Adverbs of Frequency

I never wear yellow.
We play football once a week.


Adverbs of Reason or Purpose

Since it is raining, I won't go.
I study hard so that I will pass my tests.


Adverbs of Place

Let's go somewhere for lunch.
He threw the ball towards me.


Adverbs of Time

Can we talk about it later.
She was in London last year.

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