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Blog > Renting an Apartment - Vocabulary

Renting an Apartment - Vocabulary

Dodane przez Tomasz H. 3 czerwca 2015 w kategorii: Język angielski, Leksyka, Porady językowe, Porady ogólne

She checked the classifieds, but she didn't see anything in her price range.

classifieds - the section of a newspaper with listings of items, cars, and houses to buy, sell and rent

price range - the amount of money you hope or expect to pay


I can't afford to live there alone, so I'm looking for a roommate.

I can't afford - I don't have enough money

roommate - a person who will share the apartment and split the cost of renting it.


The apartment is fully furnished.

furnished - it already has furniture – beds, chairs, tables etc. (unfurnished - partment does not have these things; semi-furnished - it has some furniture, but not everything)

My brother is subletting his flat for 2 months while he travels to USA.

sublet - rent the apartment to another person temporarily while you are traveling


We're looking for a spacious apartment in an upscale neighborhood.

spacious - big, an apartment with lots of space

upscale neighborhood - an area with a lot of rich people and nice restaurants & stores

On average, the utilities come about $250 a month.

utilities - things like electricity, water, heat

To move in, you need to pay the first and last month's rent plus a security deposit.

move in - enter an apartment/house to live (when you leave, you are moving out).

security deposit – an amount of money that you get back at the end of your time living there if the apartment is in good condition (if in bad condition then the cost of repairs will be paid from the security deposit).


The landlord is offering a two-year lease with an option to renew.

landlord (man) / landlady (woman) - the person who owns the apartment, from whom you are renting it


The building is a bit run-down, but the apartment itself was recently renovated.

run-down - not in good condition – it is a little bit old and not well-maintained.

renovated/refurbished/remodeled– everything was fixed, redesigned, and made new.

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