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Edustation's blog > 8 Important Phrasal Verbs of Movement

8 Important Phrasal Verbs of Movement

Added by Tomasz H. 18 June 2015 in category: English, Lexicon

Step on

To eliminate a problem, have victory.

Hurry up (used as 'step on it').


Go under

If a company or business goes under, it fails financially.

To lose consciousness.


Run into / Bump into

To meet someone you know when you are not expecting to.


Get off

To remove something.

Something that you say in order to tell someone to stop touching someone or something.


Take out

Refers to prepared meals purchased at a restaurant, that the purchaser intends to eat elsewhere.

Go out socially with someone, especially a date.


Drift apart

If two people drift apart, they gradually become less friendly and the relationship ends.


Move in

To begin living in a new home.


Back up

To make an extra copy.

To move backwards.

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