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Edustation's blog > Ways to say 'How are you?'

Ways to say 'How are you?'

Added by Tomasz H. 28 May 2015 in category: English, General tips, Learning tips, Lexicon

- How are you?
- I'm fine, thank you.

That's how usually you ask people in UK before starting a conversation. The replay is also almost automatically: 'I'm fine, thank you'. When we say these two expressions we don't really have to think about what we are going to say.

But what if we ask the same question in a different way? And how about if we answer in a different way?


All these questions below mean 'how are you?':

1. What's going on?

2. How's it going

3. What's up?

4. What have you been up to?

5. How have you been?

6. How are you keeping?

7. Are you well?


And here the answers which mean almost 'I'm fine, thank you', but are related to the above questions:

1. Not too much.

2. Not bad.

3. Not much.

4. The usual.

5. Pretty good.

6. Alright, thanks.

7. I'm very well, thanks.


How many of them are new to you? Do you know any others? Leave us a comment!

And it's good to remember: however you answer, always be sure to follow it up with 'and you?'.

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