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Edustation's blog > The Language of Business Meetings

The Language of Business Meetings

Added by Tomasz H. 26 May 2015 in category: General tips, Lexicon

to cancel meeting = to decide that a planned meeting will not happen (the date is not changed)

e.g. Our boss has decided to cancel the meeting as he is no longer interested in the project.

to postpone a meeting = to hold a meeting at a later time/date than was originally planned

e.g. Let's postpone the meeting until the financial report has been finished.


to reschedule a meeting = to change the time of a meeting for a reason (before or after planned time)

e.g. There's no meeting today. It's been rescheduled to Monday at 18.


to wrap up a meeting = to end a meeting (informal)

e.g. Let's wrap up this meeting, because we're out of time.


to brainstorm = working in a group to think of some new ideas

e.g. Take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas on a new name for the brand.


to over-run = to take longer than expected or was scheduled for

e.g. Sorry I'm late. My meeting over-ran by 15 minutes.


to hold a meeting = to be in charge of the meeting

e.g. I'm holding a meeting on the effects of the costs increase.


to commence = to start a meeting

e.g The meeting commences at 8:00.


to adjourn a meeting = to take a break (formal)

e.g. Let's adjourn this meeting. We'll arrange again next Monday.


to attend a meeting = to go to a meeting

e.g. I'll be attending a meeting today.


agenda = the topics to be covered in the meeting

e.g. Today's agenda covers our new customer service policy.


strategy = the business plan for success

e.g. Our strategy is to focus on our Asian market.

minutes = notes taken about what is said and covered in a meeting

e.g. Can you take the minutes for today's meeting and then send me by email?


objectives = the goals of the meeting

e.g. The objective of this meeting is to agree on working hours.

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