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Edustation's blog > 10 Confusing Homonyms

10 Confusing Homonyms

Added by Tomasz H. 16 March 2015 in category: English, Lexicon

Homonyms are words that sound similar, but have different meanings.


Steel & Steal

1. Steel - a very strong metal made from iron, used for making knives, machines etc. -> This knife is made from steel.

2. Steal - to secretly take something that does not belong to you, without intending to return it -> Burglars broke into the car and stole a radio.

Sea & See

1. Sea - a large body of water -> I love the sound of see.

2. See - to view -> Yeah, I can see him now!

Fine & Fine & Fine

1. Well, healthy, or happy -> I had a cold last week, but I'm fine now.

2. Thin or made of very small pieces -> She has fine, brown hair.

3. A monetary penalty -> I got a fine when I brought a book to the library to late.

Die & Dye

1. Die - to stop living -> She died from brain injuries after a road accident.

2. Dye - a substance that is used to change the colour of something -> I bought a black dye for my hair.

Rock & Rock & Rock

1. Tipe of music -> I don't like rock music.

2. A stone ->Huge waves were crashing against the rocks.

3. Gentle swaying motion -> John rocked his baby to coax him to sleep.

Bow & Bow

1. A decoration of the hair -> Her hair was tied in a red bow.

2. To bend your head or body forward in order to show respect or to thank an audience -> The actors all bowed after the performance.

Right & Write & Rite

1. Right - opposite direction of left -> On the next traffic lights turn right.

2. Write - to produce words, letters, or numbers on a surface using a pen or pencil -> Write your name at the top of the page.

3. Rite - a traditional ceremony in a particular religion or culture -> Funeral rites

Club & Club & Club

1. An organization for people who want to take part in a sport or social activity together, or the building they use for this -> Football club.

2. A place open late at night where people can dance -> Let's go to club on Friday!

3. A long, thin stick used to hit the ball in golf.


Doe & Dough & Dough

1. Doe - a female deer

2. Dough - a thick mixture of flour and liquid used to make foods such as bread -> Roll the dough out on a floured surface.

3. Dough - money (slang) -> I have little dough.

Aloud & Allowed

1. Aloud - in a voice loud enough to be heard -> He read a book aloud to the rest of the family.

2. Allowed - permitted -> Smoking not allowed!

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