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Edustation's blog > Weather Words You Should Know

Weather Words You Should Know

Added by Tomasz H. 24 February 2015 in category: English, Lexicon


when a large amount of snow falls down the side of a mountain

e.g. The skiers were warned about a possible avalanche.



a storm with strong winds and snow

e.g. They couldn't drive the car because of the blizzard.



light wind

e.g. I love the breeze near the ocean.



unpleasantly cold

e.g. It's a litte bit chilly outside so take a coat.



rain in very small, light drops

e.g. On Monday will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.



a long period when there is no rain

e.g. Forest fires are a serious danger during a drought.



a very lite snowfall

e.g. There are a few flurries so there is no chance for skiing.



ice crystals on a frozen surface, a thin, especially at night, when it is very cold

e.g. Be careful driving ypur car, I can see the frost on the road.



small, hard pieces of frozen rain that fall from the sky

e.g. There was so much hail that som cars where destroyed.



when weather is mild, it is less cold than you would expect

e.g. a mild winter



rain or snow that falls on an area

e.g. There is very little precipitation in the desert.



a pool of liquid on the ground, usually from rain

e.g. After rain children love to splash in puddles.



an extremely hot and sunny day

e.g. It was a scorcher so we decided to tourn on the air-condition.



a mixture of snow and rain

e.g. It's sleeting, because it is not cold enough.



snow that has started to melt

e.g. The snow turned to slush as soon as it started to rain.

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