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Edustation's blog > Breath vs. Breathe - Differences

Breath vs. Breathe - Differences

Added by Tomasz H. 19 February 2015 in category: English, Lexicon


The word breath is a noun referring to the air going in and out of your mouth and nose.



- you inhale a lot of air - you take a deep breath

- the air coming out of your mouth smells bad - you have bad breath

- you keep air in your lungs when you go underwaterhold your breath - you hold your breath

- you have difficulty breathing - you can gasp for breath



The word breathe is a verb, referring to the action of taking air in and out.



- you're using a lot of air - you can breathe hard or heavily

- you can relax after a period of intense stress or nervousness - you can breathe easily

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