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Edustation's blog > Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage

Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage

Added by Tomasz H. 8 January 2015 in category: English, Learning tips

Days, Months and Holidays

Always capitalize holidays, events, months and days of the week.

DON'T capitalize seasons.

Quotes & Titles

The first letter of the quote should always be capitalized (when you form direct quotes placed inside formal quotations marks).

Proper Nouns

Capitalize: languages, countries, organizations, places, names, organizations.



Capitalize the directions to designate a geographic area.

DON'T capitalize cardinal directions (east, west, north, south)


Family Names & Titles

Capitalize title before name and name (e.g. Presidant Obama).

DON'T capitalize title after the name.


Abbreviations & Specific Names

Capitalize acronyms & abbreviations based on propoer nouns.

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