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Blog > Personality & Character Idioms

Personality & Character Idioms

Dodane przez Tomasz H. 28 stycznia 2015 w kategorii: Język angielski, Leksyka

couch potato

a lazy person who spends a lot of time sitting down, watching TV or playing video games

e.g. Stop being a couch potato – turn off the TV and do some exercise!


a person who worries constantly and excessively

e.g. My mother's such a worrywart that I have to call her everyday.


social butterfly

an extroverted person who loves to socialize

e.g. I'm more reserved, but my brother is a social butterfly.


stickler for the rules

a person who strongly insists on that quality or behavior, and wants or expects other people to maintain the same standard

e.g. Clean up the room after you're done with your homework. Mother is a stickler for cleanliess.


party pooper

a person who discourages fun or enjoyment for other people throught their negative beahviour

e.g. I hate to be a party pooper, but we should turn down the music – our neighbours are probably trying to sleep.


armchair critic

a person who makes comments and criticisms about a situation that they are not actually doing anything to help fix the problem

e.g. It's easy to be an armchair critic, but no one tries to solve the problem.



a person who hates to spend much money and spends little money even in cases where more spending is needed

e.g. Mark bought his mother a gift for her birthday for just 1$.  He's such a cheapskate.



active & energetic person

e.g. Don't wait only for the opportunities, you need to be more of a go-getter.



a person whih acts always good, nice or sweet

e.g. Kate was a goody-goody in primary school, but when she went to high-school she turned into a real rebel.


mover and shaker

an active person who helps their company, organization, or group make progress

e.g. John is the mover and shaker in the department. He has always great ideas.


behind the times

means the person is old-fashioned and has not adopted certain modern customs, beliefs, or behaviors

e.g. My mum doesn't have an e-mail address. She's a little behind the times.

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