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Edustation's blog > Differences between British & American English

Differences between British & American English

Added by Tomasz H. 6 November 2014 in category: English, Lexicon

ll & l

In British English the 'l' is doubled for verbs ending in a vowel + l. In American English, the l is not doubled.

BrE: travel -> travelled

AmE: travel -> traveled

-our & -or

Words which end in -our in British English often end in -or in American English.

BrE: odour

AmE: odor

-yse & -yze

Verbs with -yse in British English are spelled -yze in American English.

BrE: analyse

AmE: analyze

-ence & -ense

In British English we have -ence and in American English it's -ense.

BrE: defence

AmE: defense

-re & -er

Words that end in -re in British English usually end in American English in -er.

BrE: centre

AmE: center

-ise & -ize

British -ise verbs are always spelled with -ize in American English.

BrE: realise

AmE: realize


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