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Blog > Idioms with 'All'

Idioms with 'All'

Dodane przez Tomasz H. 3 listopada 2014 w kategorii: Język angielski, Leksyka

All or nothing

Completely or not at all.

If he can't be the best he won't even compete. It's all or nothing with him.

All over the shop

When something is badly organised or scattered in many different places.

What have you been doing with your clothes? They're all over the shop!

All eyes on me

Everyone is paying attention.

All eyes are on the Germany team after winning the World Cup.

All in your head

When you imagine something that is not real.

Nobody was telling it, it's all in your head.

All ears

When you are ready and eager to listen.

Well, hurry up and tell me please. I'm all ears.

All Greek to me

Something that you say when you do not understand something that is written or said.

I've tried to read the TV manual but it's all Greek to me.

All in a day's work

Part of what is expected, typical or normal.

I don't particularly like to cook, but it's all in a day's work.

All hell broke loose

All sorts of wild or terrible things happened.

When he went for holiday, all hell broke loose.

All in the same boat

To be in the same unpleasant situation as other people.

If I lose my job I'll be in the same boat as any other unemployed person.

All out

With every possible effort.

I worked all out to make the deadline.

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