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Accept i Except

Added by Tomasz H. 2 September 2014 in category: English, Learning tips, Lexicon

These two English words are sometimes confused by native speakers. Let's learn more about them.


to agree to take something

Do you accept credit cards?

My offer was immediately accepted.

He asked me to marry him, and I accepted.

to say 'yes' to an offer or invitation

I've just accepted an invitation to the opening-night party.

I've been invited to their wedding but I haven't decided to accept.


Except is a preposition that means "excluding."

She bought a gift for everyone except me.

The museum is open daily except Monday.

Except is also a conjunction that means "if not for the fact that".

I would help you, except I'm too busy this evening.

He never calls me except to borrow money.


Accept and except have similar spelling and pronunciation and that's why the words are confused. In fact, as you can see, they have different meanings and if you learn them it will be difficult to use it wrong.

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