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Edustation's blog > Day and Night Idioms

Day and Night Idioms

Added by Tomasz H. 23 June 2014 in category: English, General tips, Lexicon

Day and Night Idioms

as plain as day

easy to see or understand

e.g. All the evidence points to him. It's as plain as day he's guilty.

day in and day out

on every day, all the time

e.g. She plays chess day in and day out.

night owl

someone who works at night

e.g. My roommate is a night owl and usually reads until 3 a.m.

different as night and day

completely different

e.g. Bobby and Billy are twins, but they are as different as night and day.



e.g. The carpenter we hired was a fly-by-night worker who did a very bad job.

call it a day

to quit work and go home, to say that a day's work has been completed

e.g. I'm tired. Let's call it a day.

one-night stand

a romance or sexual relationship that lasts only one night

e.g. We were never in a relationship. I just had a one-night stand.

won’t give someone the time of day

it means you completely refuse to talk to them

e.g. I had an argue with my friend and now he won't give me the time of day.

makes your day

made you happy for the whole day

e.g. My coach said that I had improved a lot. It made my day.

has seen better days

something is now old and in not-so-great condition

e.g. I've had this car for the 10 years. It has seen better days.

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