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Football Vocabulary

Added by Tomasz H. 12 June 2014 in category: English, Lexicon

Today I show you the football vocabulary because in the evening starts the World Cup 2014. Let's see what kind of words should you know before watching the match.

Football Vocabulary

Let's start. A match is when two teams are playing against each other in a football game.

The area where footballers play a match is a pitch.

On the football pitch there is a person which we call referee. It's the person who makes sure that the players follow the rules.

There are also two more referees. Those are called linesmen, they running along the lines and indicate with a flag, when the ball has gone out of pitch or when player is offside. Offside is a position which is not allowed by the rules - when an attacking player is closer to the opposing goal at the moment the ball is passed to him than the last defender from the opposing team (except goalkeeper).

On the pitch there run 22 football players, 11 in each team. A manager is the person in charge of a team and responsible for training.

Each team have also a skipper (captain) who leads the team on the pitch.

A foul is a violation of the rules, when a player can be booked and a yellow card or red card can be shown.

The score is the record of goals that indicates who is winning. The match can end with a draw where there is no winner and loser after the full-time (90 minutes) and the referee blows the final whistle. However, in some competitions there can be an extra time, when a match has no winner.

Football Vocabulary

During the match there are various types of shot:

header - the act of hitting the ball with head

backheal - a pass made using the heel (the rounded back part of the foot)

clearance - defensive kick that is intended to put the ball out of danger

volley - a kick or hit in which a player returns a ball before it touches the ground

shoot - to kick the ball towards the net at one end of the pitch

goal-kick - kick taken by the goalkeeper when the attacking team has kicked the ball over the goal line

free-kick - a kick that a player in a football match is allowed to take after a player from the other team has broken the rules

penalty - an advantage given to a team when the opposing player breaks a rule

corner - a kick or hit taken from the corner of the field

Football Vocabulary

See some more expressions:

keep possession - to be able to keep the ball and prevent the opposing team from touching it (opposite: lose possession, give the ball away

one-touch football - reference to a style of football in which a team can pass the ball quickly from one player to another without the need to control it with more than one touch

the long ball game - reference to a style of football in which a team prefers to play long balls in the hope that an attacking player will get them

prolific goal scorer - referring to a player who scores or has scored a lot of goals

they are strong in the air - referring to a team that has a lot of players who can head the ball very well

a clinical finish - referring to a well-placed, controlled shot from a scoring position that ends in a goal

put eleven men behind the ball - referring to a team that defends with all the players and is not very interested in scoring goals

that shot stung the goalkeeper's palms - referring to a shot on goal that is very hard and the goalkeeper might have felt pain

bang it in the mixer! - a shout to encourage a player to play a long ball into the penalty area (= mixer) in the hope that an attacking player will score

they hit the woodwork - a team kicked the ball against the crossbar or post and was very unlucky not to score

to switch play - to change direction of play and pass the ball from one side of the pitch to the other

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