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Blog > Free Time Activities

Free Time Activities

Dodane przez Tomasz H. 27 lutego 2014 w kategorii: Język angielski, Leksyka

What do you do in your free time?

The time, when you are not working or you don't go to school and you can choose what to do is your free time. The free time is also called leisure time.

Słówka: 87

Go to cultural events and locations

You can go to the museum, art gallery, opera performances, theater or concert. There are many cultural events.

Słówka: 113

Exercise and play a sport

Stay fit, stay active. You can do exercises alone or with somebody. Swimming, gym, running or playing team games.

Słówka: 191


Cooking can give much fun. Cook with friends! Trying new things in the kitchen can be just as much fun as a science.

Słówka: 321


Working in a garden, growing and taking care of the plants, and keeping it attractive. Plant flowers, vegatables and water them.


Afternoon with a book can be great. Read novels, short stories, crime fiction etc. If you like non-fiction, you can read biographies, autobiographies. There are also books on history, science, philosophy, religion. Remember - read in a foreign language!

Słówka: 225

Go to the cinema

Find a good film and go to the cinema.

Słówka: 63

Spend time with family

You can do many things but spending time together is the most important fact.

Słówka: 89

Listen to music

Turn up the volume and listen to your favourite type of music.

Słówka: 81

Go out with friends

You can do many things with your friends - have dinner at a restaurant, go out to a bar, go dancing at a club, play a sport, go out for a coffee, have a barbecue etc.

Słówka: 90

Go to the park

Go alone, with family or with friends. You can take a picnic rug and a picnic basket and have a picnic.

Słówka: 130

Go shopping

Many people like to go to shopping malls that are known for shopping.

Słówka: 48

Art and crafts

The skills of making objects, such as decorations, furniture, and pottery by hand. You can paint, draw, sew, crochet, knit, sculpt etc.

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