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Edustation's blog > Food idioms

Food idioms

Added by Tomasz H. 24 February 2014 in category: English, Lexicon

Are you a couch potato? Or maybe a big cheese? Learn some food idioms with Edustation. And remember: none of them are actually describing food!


a person, especially a man, who is very clever and interested only in studying and other mental activities

e.g. John is the best at maths. He is an egghead.

Big cheese

an important person in a company or an organization with a lot of influence

e.g. He left business school and became a big cheese in the London City.

Couch potato

a person who watches a lot of television and does not have an active life

e.g. All he ever does is watch TV. He's a real couch potato.

Tough cookie

a person who is difficult to deal with

e.g. He's a tough cookie, but I can handle him.

Top banana

the leader, boss

e.g. Mark is the top banana in his work.

Bad apple

one bad person in a group of people who are good

e.g. You'll find a bad apple in every organization.

Sour grapes

if you describe someone's behaviour or opinion as sour grapes, you mean that they are angry because they haven't achieved something that they wanted

e.g. I don't think it's such a great job - and that's not just sour grapes because I didn't get it

A lemon

a defective product, or anything that doesn't work very well

e.g. My new computer is a lemon. I should just throw it out the window.

Cup of tea

if something or someone is not your cup of tea, they are not the type of thing or person that you like

e.g. Rap music is not my cup of tea. I prefer rock.

Bring home the beacon

to earn money for a family to live on

e.g. I can't sit around all day - someone's got to bring home the bacon.

Cry over spilt milk

upset about something bad that has happened that you cannot change

e.g. Sometimes I regret not taking that job in Berlin. But there's no point crying over spilt milk.

Cheap as chips

very cheap

e.g. I didn't pay much for these trousers. In fact, they were as cheap as chips.

Bread and butter

a job or activity that provides you with the money you need to live

e.g. I'm a Taxi driver. It's my bread and butter at the moment.

A piece of cake

very easy to do

e.g. He was worried about the test, but it was a piece of cake.

Finger in every pie

to be involved in and have influence over many different activities, often in a way that people do not approve of

e.g. Our boss is very controlling - he has a finger in every pie.

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