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Edustation's blog > Prepositions - with, over, by

Prepositions - with, over, by

Added by Tomasz H. 20 February 2014 in category: English, Learning tips


Meaning: together
Why don't you come shopping with me?
He has been working with his sister at the shop.

Meaning: have
I met a man with brown hairs.
He speaks with German accent.

Meaning: feeling
He came for the meeting with confidence.
She watched that film with strong emotions.

Meaning: using
I wrote a letter with a pen.
He made the soup with meat.

Meaning: understanding/agreement
Are you with me?
John agrees with me.


Meaning: to show how/the method
I came here by bus.
I received the new book by courier.

Meaning: close
I leave in a house by lake.
Can I sit by you?

Meaning: action with a particular purpose
You can pass the exam by preparing for it.
I expressed my feelings toward her by writing an e-mail.


Meaning: more than an expected number or amount
This amount is over our prediction.
It weighs over our prediction.

Meaning: a period of time
I worked in LA over one year.
He slept over 12 hours.

Meaning: movement from one place to another/movement downward
Come over to my flat for a party sometime.
The big tree fell over on the road.

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