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Edustation's blog > Top 10 English Words of the Month - January

Top 10 English Words of the Month - January

Added by Tomasz H. 1 February 2014 in category: English

We've started a new month, February, and it's good time to see what were the most popular English words in Edustation.
Let's see Top 10 English Words of the Month - January:

Rinse (obmyć, spłukiwać)

to use water to clean the soap or dirt from something

e.g. There was no soap, so I just rinsed my hands only with water.

Man [verb] (obsługiwać)

take charge of a certain job; occupy a certain work place

e.g. The phones are manned 24 hours a day.

Breakfast (śniadanie)

a meal eaten in the morning as the first meal of the day

e.g. Breakfast is served from 8.30 till 10.00.

Necessary (potrzebny, konieczny)

needed in order to achieve a particular result

e.g. He has the necessary skills for the job.

Pleasure (przyjemność)

satisfaction, enjoyment, happiness or something that gives this

e.g. It was such a pleasure to meet you.

Tap [verb] (stukać)

to hit something gently; a gentle blow

e.g. She could hear him tapping his fingers on the desk

Was (czas przeszły od 'be')

past simple of 'be'

e.g. It is cold today -> It was cold yesterday

Restaurant (restauracja)

a place where meals are prepared and served to customers

e.g. Now we're going to an Italian restaurant.

Happy (szczęśliwy, wesoły)

feeling, showing or causing pleasure or satisfaction

e.g. I'm happy to see you this afternoon.

There (tam)

that place

e.g. Put the book there.

Masz jakieś przemyślenia, pytania, sugestie? Są jakieś niejasności, wkradł się błąd albo z czymś się nie zgadzasz? Zostaw komentarz ;-)

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